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Students leave with a point!

Our last home game saw us welcome Cardiff Met back upto The Rock. Met this season have had some very good results including a win against TNS.

The build up to that week saw us working hard in training to make sure we where aware of the system they play and movements of there players. Our in depth analysis had given us some key information of certain players and patterns.

We started the 1st half well but failed to create any real goal scoring opportunities with there keeper not being made to make a save. Met grew into game and after 20 minutes started to get the ball down. Met took the lead with a counter attack which we failed to defend properly. Whilst they were on top they where making Jones work where we hadn’t troubled there keeper. Half time that was something that we addressed and knew we had to score if wanted to take something from the game.

The players where fired up before going back onto the pitch and within 3 minutes of the second half our instructions had been put into practice with Naim striking from outside the box with a great strike which saw us back in the game. After that the second half saw both sides well organised and very disciplined with neither team able to score a winner.

I personally felt should either side of been able to score they would have taken all 3 points. Final score being 1-1 left both sides alittle frustrated but if honest believe was a fair result.

Druids Goalscorer: Arsan '48 MET Goalscorer: Adam Roscrow '29 Attendance: 262 Referee: Rob Jenkins

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